Visual story telling is what we do!

Leading lifestyle brands know that the key to building their business is inspiring their customers to engage with them on a journey. Collaborating with the right partner can solidify their positioning as customers create personal connections with the brand.

So whether you’re looking for support with a bold social media campaign or a fresh product launch, beautiful high-res lifestyle photography or unique styling and promotion of events, Sofie and her team can offer striking content creation and professional, press-ready imagery for use on social media, PR materials, websites and print . Sofie loves collaborating with brands who share her passion for colour and interiors that spark happiness.

View some of Sofie's recent collaborations and press ready imagery below! 

Post-It Note - Creative at home working

Post-It Note

The Post-it Note brand focuses on helping people become more productive, communicate better and express themselves in creative ways.

As part of their social media outreach campaigns, they work to promote the brand with a range of influencers who channel these three core values.

Post-it invited Sofie to work with them on a social media campaign that highlighted how she creatively works from home. The brand wanted to inspire people to use their product in different ways, reminding them of its beauty and function - two design elements that Sofie is passionate about.

She created her own lifestyle imagery and mini video, showcasing her own home office space. What’s more, she also shared her top tips for using the product to boost her own planning and productivity for her business and personal renovation projects.

This campaign was shared as a mini series across Sofie’s Instagram account @threeboysandapinkbath. You can see more here.